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17 Of The Best Tweets From President Donald Trump's Inauguration



 Well, it finally happened. Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the United States. But as you might expect, people didn’t really seem to agree on whether that’s good or bad. Thousands of protesters are marching in cities across the country, and boycotting the event altogether. Which has led to some pretty hilarious tweets… 

1. This Michelle Obama face.

2. This tie-in to "Harry Potter."

3. This reference to an infamous "Friends" episode.

4. This hilariously tragic comparison.

5. This emotion-filled GIF of Michelle Obama.

6. This surprising declaration from an atheist.

7. This name-drop of a trashy reality show.

8. This screenshot of Hillary's terrified face.

9. This perfectly placed "Harry Potter" reference.

10. This change of rhetoric, which actually seems to work better.

11. This comparison that every parent will relate to.

12. This GIF of Hillary Clinton dying a little inside.

13. This very astute Biblical reference.

14. This clever play on award show lingo.

15. This sad reality.

16. This yawn-inducing GIF.


 At least Maryland knows what's up Donald Trump... #inaugurationdaypic.twitter.com/UoMu2y4V67
— Common White Girl (@CommonWhiteGrls) January 20, 2017 

Well, that was certainly something, wasn’t it? Whether it was Michelle Obama giving the perfect side eye when Melania Trump gave her a gift, or the strange dress that Kellyanne Conway decided to wear to the event. This inauguration will definitely go down as one of the most interesting in history.  


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