The Amount Of Super Likes This Model Has Received On Tinder Will Remind You How Bad Your Game Is



If life has taught us anything, it's that online dating is kind of insane. Well, by that I mean it's great. And terrible. I don't think there's an in-between. 

I'm on Tinder (sorry, I am, but that's just how it is). I've been on it since January (but honestly, on and off since last year) and so far, I've been getting at least a match a day. I'm not sure what the average matches per day are for the app, but I think that's good, right? (If not, totally Tweet me and tell me I'm wrong and that I'm ugly or something.) 

Well, here's someone who has completely destroyed that semblance of "normalcy" with an ever-increasing number of matches that not even the folks over at Tinder, and especially me — but I don't work at Tinder — could fathom. 

Meet Jazz Egger, a British model who swept the internet in November 2016 with her honest Instagram photos. She said she has (so far) matched with over 5,000 people. 

That's right. Read it again. Five. Thousand. People. 

Jazz Egger has proof


Just check out that number. 5,435 matches and she says it keeps increasing. That's really impressive.  

Here's what Jazz had to say about her experience:

I travel a lot and people keep super liking me (every tinder user has one super like to give away per day. this way their profile appears in a blue frame saying "So-and-so super liked you!")
I used to think it was normal to get so many super likes, but then a friend saw me using Tinder and she was like "Guuurl, how the actual f*ck do you get so many blue matches?" I remember looking at her in confusion. She explained to me that the average (female) Tinder user gets about 1-2 super likes/month. 

This is her Tinder profile.


It got to the point where she couldn't keep up with all of the matches. 

 Sometime later, I reached a point where I couldn't answer everyone anymore, because I basically swiped right on every super like. That was when I had reached 3000. (I swipe right on everyone who super likes me because I tend to think they have something important to tell me, which is the case most of the time. 

When she was at around 3,000 matches, she added a new photo to her gallery, which originally looked like this:



To include this:


And yet she's even received job offers from all this!

One guy who had super liked me was a great designer who wanted me to be the face of his upcoming fashion collection. So I even got jobs over Tinder! 

And matched with some celebrities... and was offered a roundtrip flight to GREECE.

I would receive the craziest pick up lines and unbelievable offers. I even matched with [a relatively famous British musician] and other well-known musicians, Youtubers, actors.Another crazy offer was when a guy invited me for a week in Greece on his yacht. He offered to pay for everything, even my flight. Just so he could have a chance. Of course, I declined that offer. 


See that blue checkmark? Means that guy is verified and most likely a some celebrity.  

She was also kind enough to share some of her messages from her matches.



Putting all of us to shame, Jazz. Putting all of us to shame. And those openers are bad, bad, bad! And Mikesh, totally rude!

Can you imagine swiping and getting match after match after match? And I'm talking about 5,000. (The only time I got consecutive matches was when I flew back to NYC from Honolulu and I matched with seven women in a row. Seven! That was impressive. I should get out of town more often, right?)

You can follow Jazz on Instagram and on Twitter! You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram. 

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