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Twitter Can't Stop Laughing At Guy Who's Been Waiting Under A Wal-Mart Sign In Hopes For A Lawsuit

By Mustafa Gatollari

One of the longest running jokes in my family involves UPS trucks. Every time we saw one, we'd joke about jumping in front of it to collect a nice fat settlement. It's a joke that stood the test of time, once me and my siblings and cousins were old enough to drive we'd spot UPS trucks on the road and then teeter our cars very close to them and start chanting, "Hit us, just a bit! Hit us, just a bit!" to get some of that sweet settlement money.

None of us ever did get hit by a delivery truck (thankfully), nor did we ever get settlement money as the result of some accident that involved a business.

But that doesn't mean that every time I see an accident waiting to happen, my mind doesn't immediately think of getting some easy settlement money.