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The Thimble Has Been Voted Out Of The Monopoly Box In Favor Of A More Modern Game Piece


Hot take: the classic game of Monopoly is just that, a classic, meaning you shouldn't mess with it. It doesn't need an update! However, purists like me will have to adjust to a life without one iconic game piece, because it has been voted out in favor of something more modern. So bye bye, thimble. 

To be fair, I think I would be POed if I got stuck playing the thimble growing up. Everybody always fought over the car and the little Scotty dog in my family, and the worst would be ending up with the iron, wheelbarrow or, yes, the thimble. Oh, and I was also a big fan of the top hat. But in defense of the thimble, it's the one piece that's actually semi functional if you have very very VERY small fingers.

Does anyone even know what a thimble is anymore? The piece was part of the game since it debuted in 1935, but fans have voted for it to be replaced in favor of a more modern game token.