When This Health-Guru Dissed Pizza, Twitter Fired Back In An Epic Way



Look, I am all for healthier eating, but if you try to come for my pizza, you're going to wish you weren't born. It seems I'm not alone in this sentiment, because when a health guru talked smack about America's favorite food disc, Twitter came for her so savagely, we'd be unsurprised if she deleted her account. Check out some of the most brutal takedowns the comment spawned

When it comes to comfort food, it doesn't really get much better than pizza. I really don't know many people who don't like pizza purely based on taste.

Now the logical part of my mind absolutely hates pizza. It's not a significant source of protein, it's loaded with unhealthy fats and carbohydrates, and I can eat an infinite amount of the stuff. I mean, it doesn't matter how much pizza is in a box, the answer to how many slices I will eat is all about how good the particular pie tastes.

The bottom line is the only way I won't want to eat pizza is if I consciously choose to avoid it, despite how much I love it. But trying to make someone feel grossed out by the food is not really an effective way to get them to not want to eat it, plus it doesn't offer a long-term solution for those trying to be healthier. After all, pizza, like most unhealthy stuff we crave, is totally fine in moderation.

Something that this health-conscious Twitter account tried to do when they posed what they thought was a rhetorical question.

They even included a poll.

Surprising no one, Twitter let them know that yes, they still very much felt like eating pizza.

Some were more interested in the oil.

Others just insisted they wanted the sweet cheesy goodness.

You just don't mess with pizza.

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