Grandma Accidentally Sends Insulting Birthday Card To Her Grandson



Grandparents say the darnedest things. They don't always understand our slang, especially text speak. How many of us can remember an older relative mistakenly believing the abbreviation LOL means "lots of love" instead of "laughing out loud." That's not the worst case of misinterpretation a grandparents could have, though. Just check out the unintentionally hilarious birthday card one person received from their grandma. 

Honestly, if I were a grandma I would probably send a card like this on purpose but I have a weird sense of humor. I fully intent on insulting my grandkids if I ever have them. It'll build character and teach them to have a good sense of humor and not take themselves too seriously, two traits they will grow up to appreciate having instilled in them, once they work through the trauma of their mean grandma. Maybe they can save up all the checks for $10 to pay their future therapy bills? 

I'm just kidding, really. I would never in seriousness call a kid names, but I would definitely do it to an adult child or grandchild who understands my sense of humor.

There's something adorable about getting birthday gifts from your grandparents.

$10 checks, knit sweaters, Werther's Originals - there's a special kind of charm associated with getting presents from grand-folks.

Even better is when they unintentionally send you something crude or offensive due to a generational gap.

Or in this grandma's case, not noticing a very blatant acronym on a card she gifted her grandson.

Henry Fraser was touched by his grandmother's thoughtful birthday gesture, and was tickled pink by her oversight.

Fraser became a famous painter after he was paralyzed from below his shoulders following a diving accident in 2009.

His works of art are pretty incredible, and become even more impressive when you consider he paints them entirely using his mouth.

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