Irish People Found A Major Flaw In Trump's Latest Campaign And You'll Definitely Facepalm When You See What It Is



When you're an overly critical person, you invite others to be overly-critical of you as well. It's something I learned the hard way whenever I'd be an unreasonably mean jerkface to people.

Sure, I wondered by no one was cutting me any slack but then I realized, oh wait, I'm not cutting them any slack, either. If you take every little thing someone does and blow it out of proportion, they're likely to do the same to you. I was in a place where I demanded the best of others while only putting in a bit of effort myself. Yeah: it was ugly.

So there's a good chance that some people are being a little too overly sensitive about Donald Trump's St. Patrick's edition, "Make America Great Again" hats. But then again, considering his overly critical and oftentimes hypocritical speech, can you really blame people? 

The green MAGA hat features Reagan's campaign quote that Trump appropriated on the front, and a four-leaf clover on the back. There's only one problem.

The three-leafed shamrock is the official symbol of St. Patrick's Day. Four-leaf clovers have nothing to do with Ireland.

In fact, the lucky leaf is a symbol of good fortune in multiple cultures. The Shamrock was a favorite plant of St. Patrick as he took it's three leaves as a symbol of Christianity's Holy Trinity. So using the Four-Leaf clover is a cultural snafu, it'd be like making Chinese New Year's hats and putting a Samurai logo on it.

Twitter picked up on the mistake right away and called Trump's team out on it.

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