Guy Gave Friend Surprise Tattoo, And What He Chose Is Cringeworthy



We all have that one friend who always seems to cross the line, even when you specifically tell them not to cross the line.

The one friend who seemingly can't help themselves. The friend that will pants you while on a field trip. The friend who raid the mini-bar and think they can fill the booze up with water and get away with it. The friend who keeps making you laugh in class even after you already got two warnings from your teacher.

Or the friend who completely takes advantage of your blind trust in them.

Like this guy who had his Twitter handle tattooed on his friend after she told him he could surprise her.

It's a tale told masterfully in four perfect photographs.

1. Excitement. Here she is, in an ignorant state of bliss. Unaware of the atrocity being inked on her skin.

2. Confusion. Wait ... what is that? Is there a word in the middle of the heart?

3. Realization. Yep, he had his Twitter handle tattooed on her ankle.

4. Incredulity. Seriously, dude? This is why you can't trust anyone, even your "friends."

What makes all of this 10 times worse is that it's her very first tattoo.

On the real I'd tattoo something heinous on my friend's face while he was sleeping if he ever did that to me, and as scumbag of a move that it was, people are finding the whole thing pretty hilarious.

I mean, her face says it all.

Some blamed the girl for letting her friend pick the tattoo in the first place.

She had the whole thing recorded, and her mom's reaction to seeing the tattoo is priceless.

There's always laser removal. Let's just hope he doesn't change his Twitter handle, right?

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