23 Women Share The Most Frustrating Mansplaining They've Endured In Daily Life



A few years ago, after I got dumped by my ex, I went through all the reasons why I wasn't a good enough boyfriend. One of the biggest takeaways was that I didn't listen enough and went on silly, meaningless tangents when I spoke.

So, everytime I had a conversation with someone after that, I tried my best to keep my mouth shut and just listen. I tried to become super cognizant of interrupting them, because that's hella annoying.

After practicing this for a while, I noticed that I got a lot more out of conversations, and it didn't just become an endless monologue from my end of meaningless drivel. I learned something about the other person I was talking to, and, (cue the Lifetime inspirational music), I learned something about myself in the process, too. Now when I look back at the interactions I've had with people, especially women, I came off as hyperactively annoying, but I also had a tendency to mansplain a lot of things, too.

Which is pretty much the absolute worst and sadly, all too common of an occurrence.

So when Tracy Claton went on Twitter to ask people what the most infuriating thing they ever had mansplained to them was, there were tons of responses.

But first, in case you're wondering what the definition of mansplaining is:

The responses started off bad and got worse as more and more females chimed in. One Twitter user wrote, "One time a guy explained to me how prescriptions work. like...'first the doctor decides which medication.'"

Her reply to this condescending male? "'I'm gonna stop you right there, I am an adult who has been to a doctor, so we can skip some of the basics."

Read more eye roll-worthy tales below:

But that's a whole other can of worms.

Cringeworthy, right?

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