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23 Women Share The Most Frustrating Mansplaining They've Endured In Daily Life

By Mustafa Gatollari

A few years ago, after I got dumped by my ex, I went through all the reasons why I wasn't a good enough boyfriend. One of the biggest takeaways was that I didn't listen enough and went on silly, meaningless tangents when I spoke.

So, everytime I had a conversation with someone after that, I tried my best to keep my mouth shut and just listen. I tried to become super cognizant of interrupting them, because that's hella annoying.

After practicing this for a while, I noticed that I got a lot more out of conversations, and it didn't just become an endless monologue from my end of meaningless drivel. I learned something about the other person I was talking to, and, (cue the Lifetime inspirational music), I learned something about myself in the process, too. Now when I look back at the interactions I've had with people, especially women, I came off as hyperactively annoying, but I also had a tendency to mansplain a lot of things, too.