This Bust Of Cristiano Ronaldo Is Freaking People Out, And It's Easy To See Why



I was never the most artistic kid growing up. I couldn't draw worth a damn, and whenever I sat down and tried to make something look like a human being in art class, I ended up just embarrassing myself.

So, I would go the Jackson Pollock route. Admittedly, it wasn't by choice.

So whenever I see someone who is capable of a true work of art, whether it be a drawing, painting, or an impressive piece of graffiti, I'm amazed.

This bust of Cristiano Ronaldo, however, looks like something I'd try to make when honor the popular soccer player.

And if you're Ronaldo, you have to know that you're not only one of the best athletes on the planet, but when you wake up everyone morning and take a look in your mirror (hell, if I looked like him, I'd probably have one on the ceiling of my bedroom), you know you're one of the most beautiful men in the world. 

Twitter had some pretty strong opinions as to what the new bust, which is currently featured in Madeira International Airport, really looks like.

Some thought the statue looked like other sports stars.

It wasn't long before people started stacking the terrible bust up against other artistic atrocities.

And who could forget the timeless classic that is abstract Jesus?

People had plenty to say about the sheer ugliness of the statue.

People speculated that the statue wasn't of Ronaldo at all, but his evil twin.

Which means we could be experiencing a new Poot scenario. 

Others noticed that he totally looks like this Dragon Ball Z character.

"The nastiness level is....OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAND!"

But yeah, if you ask me, they need to remove that bust from the airport STAT. If I was Ronaldo, I'd just tape a photo of myself over it instead. What do you think about the statue?

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