Quick Thinking Mailman Accidentally Leaves Package In The Worst Place Possible



If you order something online, you'd better make sure that you're in when it's actually delivered. We've seen delivery drivers leave packages in some pretty bizarre places, including thrown over a fence. And if by some miracle, the delivery driver actually leaves it somewhere sensible, a neighbor will probably try and steal it. 

But Twitter user Sam Cooke of Manchester in the U.K. had his package left in what may be the worst hidey hole - the toilet. How did this happen? Cooke believes that the Royal Mail carrier was so determined to deliver the package that he slipped it through his flat's only accessible open window, and right into the toilet below.  The mailman's first note says, "Put through window."

Source: twitter

Cooke also found another note slipped through his door. "I'm really sorry. I think your parcel might have fallen in the toilet accidentally," it reads.

Source: twitter

The mailman was correct. 

Source: twitter

But Cooke seems to be OK with the mistake, and all the retweets he got on Twitter couldn't have hurt. As it so happens, the box — which contained printer ink — was "too wide to hit the water... it's safe," he shared with curious commenters.

And Royal Mail was quick to apologize. "Hi Sam, I'm so sorry they've popped it through the window. We're following so please DM & we'll do what we can to help out & get this sorted," the Mail's official account tweeted. Cooke responded, "There's honestly nothing to apologize for, the parcel is absolutely fine, gave me and thousands of others a good laugh that's all."

Twitter seems to be enjoying the story.

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