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Source: Throawayfreakout

Furious Woman Berates Couple For Kissing In Restaurant In Viral Video


Careful, lovers. This redheaded woman can't seem to abide anyone having a better time than her, and if you ask me, it seems unlikely that someone this uptight ever has a good time. Reddit user throawayfreakout posted a video titled, "Crazy woman freaked out on me and my girlfriend last night," and it delivers. The story posted with the video simply says, "I had my arms around my girlfriend and kissed her on the forehead a couple times, waiting for this lady to finish checking out, when all of a sudden..."

The video picks up in the middle of the altercation, so we don't see the moment this lady first snaps, so to be fair, we don't have the entire story. But she is yelling at the couple from across the kitchen that they should get a room, and accusing them of "f**cking" in front of everybody. A quick pan of the establishment shows there's no one there except the couple, the angry lady, and a very uncomfortable counter worker. I doubt he's uncomfortable about the kissing, though.