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It's Official: Steve Bannon Has Been Removed From The National Security Council



Following his role in Donald Trump's successful presidential election, Stephen Bannon, former executive chair of Breitbart, was given the role of White House Chief Strategist. And it's fair to say that people were rightfully concerned that the leader of the alt-right, who was taken to court by his ex-wife on charges of domestic violence and accusations of anti-antisemitism, could be given such a powerful position. 

Even more shocking was President Donald Trump's decision to add Bannon to the National Security Council, a role for which he had no experience whatsoever. Many others were concerned that issues of national security could make their way back to Breitbart. 

But now, he's out. Bloomberg, CNN, and a host of other publications are reporting that Bannon has been removed from the National Security Council following a reshuffling by President Donald Trump. 

The role of Trump's Homeland Security Adviser, Tom Bossert, was also downgraded. While National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster was given more of a role in setting the agenda for meetings. 

The national intelligence director, Dan Coats, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford, have again been made "regular attendees." 

A White House official told Bloomberg that Bannon was placed on the security council to monitor Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and never attended a meeting. They added that with McMaster in charge, he's no longer needed.

Twitter users were pretty happy about the decision. 

We can all sleep easier knowing that Steve Bannon has nothing to do with the security of the nation. 

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