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The Rock Surprised His Biggest Fan On 'Jimmy Fallon' With The Ultimate Photobomb



What celebrity would you sob like a maniac over, if you unexpectedly got to meet them? For me, it's Lucy Lawless. But a close runner up is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, the sexiest man alive. In a segment that aired Wednesday on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, The Rock and Jimmy put on creepy mascot costumes of themselves and pranked the unsuspecting crowd of Universal Studios Orlando. 

First they compete to see who can get the most high fives, hugs, and selfies while wearing their own foam masks. Jimmy wins by a narrow margin (but you know he worked twice as hard at it) and reveals his sweat soaked head. They go inside, still in costume, with plans to photobomb people lined up to have their pictures taken. The best part is the surprise, when they reveal themselves to guests. But one guest in particular was living. His. Dream.

A man and woman come out to have their photo taken, and the Jimmy and Dwayne mascots sneak up on them. When the guy sees The Rock he murmurs that the wrestler has been his hero since he was five years old. Then, when The Rock takes off his mask, he doubles over in tears:

Source: The Tonight Show

It turns out this guy is such a mega-fan, he has a tattoo of The Rock on his calf. Just look at that thing:

Source: The Tonight Show

Though this seems like a "too good to be true" set up, both The Rock and Jimmy Fallon seem a bit surprised and touched by how overwhelmed this dude is. Luckily, as the ultimate showman, The Rock quickly recovers and gives the sobbing man a hug.

Source: The Tonight Show

And of course, they take a portrait that will be treasured for all time. This is what pure joy looks like, folks:

Source: The Tonight Show

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