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Teen Uses Spotify Playlist To Break Up With Boyfriend


I'm a huge fan of Jim Carey. I used to be obsessed with the guy as a child. I'd go out of my way to watch every single one of his movies, and I'm sure everyone in my family was fed up with my Ace Ventura impressions. As I got older and started becoming interested in the personal lives of actors, I found out something about my favorite actor that's kind of detracted from his performances for me.

That he ended up leaving his first wife of eight years, the woman who stood by him and who he credits with helping launch his career, after meeting Lauren Holly on the set of Dumb and Dumber...apparently through an email. Then there was that whole business of him allegedly dumping his Irish girlfriend over text.

I'm not saying people should never break-up; it happens, and if you're going for a great relationship and you play that out with someone who isn't the one for you, sure, it's a sad ending, but at least you can walk away with some pride. But trying to maintain an honest and loving relationship and thing ending things via text or email is pretty grimy.