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Kendrick Lamar's 'DAMN.' Album Cover Is Already Getting Memed Like Crazy


If you can get thousands of people meme-ing something you did on Twitter, then you've officially achieved success. Just ask Drake what the Hotline Bling memes did for his career. I have to think that he danced like a buzzed uncle at a barbecue because he just knew that the Internet was going to parody the hell out of it. I mean, how else do you explain that masterfully ridiculous music video? So, so good.

And when it comes to meme-ing album covers, Kanye West's Life of Pablo we getting meme'd so much that an online generator was created to capitalize on how terrible it was.

Now, a bad album cover isn't necessarily indicative of how good or bad an artist is. Kendrick Lamar might be one of the better lyricists out there right now, but there are tons of people on Twitter who think that the rapper intentionally created meme-able album art for his latest effort, DAMN.