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Clear Coffee Is Here, So You Don't Need To Stain Your Teeth To Get Your Caffeine Fix


I've got a soft spot for brothers who create cool stuff together. Like the Wright brothers, or the Coen Brothers, or Bubba Ray Dudley and Devon. I mean, these are iconic sibling duos.

I also love simple inventions that create an easy solution to a common problem. The fact that somebody was interested enough in trying to make our lives better, no matter how marginal the invention, shows a dedication to human excellence. Where most people settle, these inventors dared to take it a step further.

And ever since I started drinking lots of coffee, I noticed that my teeth aren't as white as they used to be, which is pretty annoying. I hate going to the dentist for necessary work on my mouth, so going in for a whitening session isn't exactly something I'm excited about scheduling.