This Man's Lost Wallet Inspired A Decade-Long Drinking Challenge



If you've ever lost a wallet, then you're familiar with the heart-dropping, sickening realization that your money, ID, credit cards, and maybe that punch card for a free car wash will probably be gone to you forever.

Sometimes you get lucky, though. Sometimes a good samaritan is kind enough to find your wallet and then send it back to you in the mail, or turn it in at the lost and found area of wherever you left it.

And sometimes that samaritan pulls entire 14 years later.  Which is exactly what happened to Tim Burrows. 

A gentleman by the name of Giles started hitting up all the Tim Burrows he could find online in the hopes of locating the man's wallet he and his friends picked up in 2003.

The thing is, when the guys picked up the lost wallet, they took some money out of it and held a drinking competition from the funds, which amounted to about $13.

Turns out that amount of cash buys a lot of White Lightning, the English equivalent to Olde English, Mad Dog 20/20, or the cream of the crop: Colt 45.

They've been carrying on the tradition for years.

When people on Twitter heard of the White Lightning tradition, they were impressed.

They weren't even mad that they took money out of Tim's lost wallet.

Others just wanted them to get some better quality booze.

While some provided helpful tips to Mr. Giles.

There were people who were dubious of the whole thing, as well.

But it seems legit. After all, why else would Tim update his adoring public to the rules of the game?

I mean he could totally just be stretching out his 15 minutes of viral fame, but still...

Regardless of whether or not you think the story is true, people are really into the idea of the Lost Wallet Drinking Challenge.

I, personally, choose to believe this wonderful caper and can't wait to partake in a challenge of my own.

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