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James Corden Roasts What He Calls The Worst 'Promposal' Ever

By Aimee Lutkin

During his monologue about the local news travesties of the day, James Corden took a moment on Tuesday night to shut down what is quickly becoming one of the Internet's most hated categories of viral media: promposals. 

On Friday, police dash cam footage was posted to a Georgia city department's Facebook page in which cops pull over a couple of teens driving around in a white truck. It turns out to be an elaborate way for the boy in the couple to ask out his girlfriend, and after this girl is frightened by an interrogation about marijuana, he surprises her with a sign reading, "Say yes or you're under arrest." She did say yes, by the way. 

James Corden HATED it:

"Look, this is a family show and I would never usually say this, but f*ck this kid," says Corden, adding, "In my day, school dances were a simple affair. Everyone said no, and I stayed home. It was simple!" 

You can skip to about minute two to hear his full rant, and also decide for yourself if a threat of incarceration is adorable or horrible in the video below: