Can You Answer This Kindergartner's Homework Question That's Stumping Parents?



I've met some kids who are friggin' geniuses, and I'm not just talking emotional ones. My son can manipulate most people into doing and getting whatever he wants. He also puts more effort into climbing a table and getting a bag of chips than most adults do at going after their dream jobs.

But I'm talking about book smarts here. I've come across kids who know more about Shakespeare and biology and western civilization than I'll ever know, and they're not even old enough to drive yet. Which totally makes me feel like less of a loser, but it's only a matter of time before they rob that from me too. Oh, and they're on the track team.

As smart as some kids are, there are some homework assignments so stupidly designed that even the brightest kids will be left scratching their heads.

Like this kindergarten student's assignment that makes no sense whatsoever.

Posted by New York photographer and mom, Royce Winnick, the worksheet was handed to her 5-year-old daughter and focuses on the letter T. The first section is easy enough: Just write out the letter a bunch of times.

The second section is where things get a little weird, three out of the four words all begin with the letter T, but what's with the rabbits at the bottom? Winnick's daughter, along with her family and friends, had no idea what the worksheet was asking of them, The Huffington Post reported.

She posted the photo on Facebook, asking for help from friends. People gave suggestions like "twins," "two by two," "thumpers," and "twabbit."

Winnick's daughter eventually settled for "pet" even though she wanted to put "rabbit." The teacher settled for the answer, which apparently, wasn't the correct choice. The word they were looking for? VET.

Winnick said that her daughter's homework isn't usually so strange, but another sheet came about that was equally befuddling.

I'm not talking about making a kid write "KKK" twice, but the bottom two problems. The answers? "Kin" and "Ken." I don't know many 5-year-olds who know the word "kin," but I'll grant that it's a perfectly acceptable word choice. But "Ken"? What the hell does a "Ken" look like in the first place? That guy could be a Karl, or a Konstantin, or a Kirillos, Krispy Kreme customer. (h/t huffington post)

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