17 Stoner Products To Gift The Weed Lover In Your Life In Honor Of 4/20



 Today is 4/20, an international holiday for stoners everywhere, even though the date only makes sense in American formatting; it's 20/4 everywhere else. And while the United States is slowly embracing the green, there's no doubt that a few people will get in trouble today for celebrating the holiday. 

Munchies aside, one of stoners favorite things about smoking weed are the ridiculous conversations that come up when a group of people are blasted and just sharing ridiculous thoughts and telling insane stories while vegging out on the couch. It still won't stop most of the cravings cause eventually you'll crave to the temptations.

I love weed, but I don't ascend to Miley Cyrus levels of pot appreciation like she does. I mean, she's putting her adoration for everyone's favorite herb on blast a whole hell of a lot. I mean, weed even gets love on Christmas from Miley.

And it's not like you can really blame her, because pot's pretty damn awesome.

So how do you rep that you're down with burning without getting some cheap gear from a boardwalk or jacking Miley Cyrus' Yuletide stoner-swag? These products are a good start.

1. Puffit Inhaler Vaporizer

Viceland did a pretty awesome review of this weed inhaler vaporizer, so you can help the pothead in your life get high discretely.

2. Nuggy Multi-Tool

Whether you're rolling blunts, joints, using bowls, bongs, or bubblers, there's a certain amount of upkeep and help needed to ensure your smoking experience goes smoothly. Use this awesome multi-tool to clean your weed paraphernalia stress-free in a single compact package. 

3. "Icy Penguins" Spoon

Penguins probably aren't the first animals you think of when you're talking about pot, but there's no denying it's a pretty adorable glass spoon to smoke out of.

4. Grass Slippers

Because you're a stoner from your head down to your toes.

5. ConePro

Think of it as an EasyJoint Oven. Perfect for pot smokers who are miserable at rolling joints, like me.

6. Blunt Slut T-Shirt

A tasteful piece of clothing.

7. Phoenician 24-Karat Gold Grinder

If you've got money to burn for when you burn, then get this for your stoner friend. If I was a rapper, I'd totally have this in my pot fanny pack.

8. Gravitron All Glass Gravity Bong

9. SMOKESAFE Mini Odor Resistant Case

Waterproof. Air tight. Water resistant. A stoner's stash-holding dream.

10. The Cannabis Cookbook

Learn some delicious herb cooking recipes.

11. iChief Rolling Tray Phone Case with Rolling Paper Holder

Protect your phone while giving yourself a flat surface to roll a joint and store your papers.

12. Pot Leaf Cookie Cutters

13. CannaBoss Party Costume

It's like you're the David S. Pumpkins of weed.

14. Cali Kush Bear Sweater

The burn bear's coming outta hibernation...for one more bowl.

15. Seedo Personal Grow Fridge

The fool proof way to grow weed for yourself in a sleek, Swedish looking package.

16. Agent 420 Spray

Scientifically designed to get rid of that skunky weed smell.

17. Clementines

Yeah, just regular old clementines. Peeling them gets a nice citrus smell on your fingers to mask the weed scent, and eating a juicy fruit helps to hydrate a dry throat. Plus it's a healthy, munchy snack that won't destroy your diet. They're the perfect stoner food.

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