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Disney's New 'Avatar' Ride Has The Most Realistic Robots Ever


Avatar made like a billion dollars because the movie was revolutionary with the insane amount of CGI, 3D technology, and over-the-top, not-so-subtle commentary on American imperialism. Sure, it was basically Pocahontas with giant blue people, but whatever.

Despite my feelings on the movie's plot, I'm not gonna sit here and lie to myself and everyone reading this that I wasn't blown away by the film's crazy 3D experience. Watching the movie on a regular TV screen is super lame, but in one of those big fantastic theaters with all that blue and purple and animal loincloth action going on, it is trippy as hell. The film kinda made me want to visit Pandora, if I could.

Which is why it makes sense that Disney decided to turn the world of Avatar into an attraction at the Animal Kingdom theme park in Florida. Now it officially opens on May 27th, 2017, but there was a soft opening where select guests got to see some of the attractions the world of Pandora has to offer. And there were some crazy ones.