This Optical Illusion Of A Girl With An Insanely Large Arm Has Twitter Confused



There are few things more awesome than a perfectly-timed photo that captures people doing something amazing. A diver as he's about to breach the water's surface. A boxer right as she lands that knock-out punch on an opponent. The look on your dog's face right when you drop a bunch of tennis balls on the ground - you get the idea.

But sometimes perfectly-timed photos don't just capture amazing moments; they yield some hilarious and baffling results.

Like optical illusions that leave us scratching our heads.

Twitter user @_ellebailey uploaded this hysterical photo of her sister who went out clubbing and apparently grew an enormous arm.

And now Twitter is very, very confused.

People were trying to work through exactly what was going on in the picture.

Others pointed out some juicy tidbits from the photo.

I would definitely not want to face this girl in a Skee-Ball competition.

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