35 Hilarious Tweets That Are Way Too Relatable For Parents



Based on how I acted as a child, having kids seems like a terrible idea in about every regard. Sure, they're cute at times, but you also have to put up with the diapers and temper tantrums which eventually translate into a complete lack of any sleep. Then when they get older they take their sweet time flying the coup. Then comes college so don't even get us started on that. So the pros and cons are looking to really favor the cons.  If you need any proof that the whole parenting thing is a no-go, just look at these tweets from actual parents.  

Then they complain about being sleepy in the morning.

I'm pretty sure we all got upset about this.

Anything to get them to stay in bed.

Not getting vomited on is the highlight of any parent's day.

The puns make it all worth it.

Scissors are not toys.

The human body can run surprisingly well on ten minutes of sleep.

I'd be sad, too.

They're basically animals that learn to speak.

Parenting sounds like a terrible idea. 

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