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The New AHCA Bill Lists Sexual Assault And Domestic Abuse As 'Pre-Existing Conditions'


There are many people who would argue that morality is relative. And I think that's true to an extent. I mean, some religious extremists would argue that same-sex marriage is immoral, some would say that charging people interest is illegal, others who want to go OG on the Bible would even say that mixing fabrics is also highly offensive to God.

But then there are other things that are just black-and-white and not subjective or relative at all. Like, killing children is definitely bad. Stealing money and food from people who are less fortunate and working their butts off to make a living is also objectively bad, as well.

And if you wanted a clearer cut case of something that's so outrageously "evil," for the lack of a better term, it'd be some of the wild stuff that's going on in the new health care bill revision that just passed.