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75-Year-Old Mom Made A Bucket List With Her Son And They're Making It Into A Movie

By Mustafa Gatollari

I think a lot about my parents and the roles they've settled for in life. Especially when it comes to my mom. She had a full scholarship to Princeton University for computing. Now to give you some context, my mom was a straight-A student who finished high school in 1981. As a well-spoken, tall, attractive women entering the IT field in America in its nascent stages, I'm sure she could've done well for herself, especially as a Princeton grad back when a Bachelor's degree was actually worth something.

She got married at 17, however, and became a housewife. It was entirely her choice, and I'd like to think her life had some truly happy moments, but I can't help but see a woman who's now struggling with a hypo-active thyroid, and the health complications that go along with that, and wonder what could have been. I also wish that there was more I could do for her. Wish I could make more money and somehow work even more jobs, or sell some scripts, or hit it "big" enough to somehow to take care of my own family and her, as well.

Just for a little bit of freedom, just to help her live out whatever she wanted to do. Any places she wanted to see. Or even give her a more comfortable living situation, because after all, she sacrificed a hell of a lot to make sure her kids were happy.