House Republican Thinks A Duckling Ramp Is A 'Waste' And People Aren't Happy



Summer is fast approaching and adorable ducklings are entering the world. And one of their favorite spots to hang out in Washington D.C. is the U.S. Capitol Reflecting Pool. So to help out the four families of ducks that live in the pool, the Capitol worked with City Wildlife, a local nonprofit, to install two duckling ramps. The ramps serve as a bridge from the dangerous sidwalks of the city to the water that gives them protection from predators.

In the past, ducklings have died of exhaustion or starvation because they've been unable to find a way out of the water. According to the group’s president, Anne Lewis, this was especially true in such a busy area, where well-meaning visitors often place the ducklings in areas of the pool they don't know well. The ramp hopes to alleviate that by giving them a direct path to where they need to be, with their mother in front of them. 

Somehow, this gave birth to controversy with Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.) who called the ramps an example of government waste.  Republicans are always looking for things the government wastes money on and he thought it might be fun to chirp at something so innocent for a laugh. Unfortunately for him the kind people of the Internet didn't take lightly too it and roasted him for his insensitive joke about those poor baby ducklings. 

As you can probably imagine, Twitter had some choice words for Walker. We're going to guess he'll regret this tweet.

Whatever your political affiliation, we're sure you don't want more dead ducklings in the world. Right? We can spare a few tax dollars to help them out. Besides, the kids love 'em. It sure beats spending a couple million on a trip down to Florida each weekend for the Pres.

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