'Beauty And The Beast' Without CGI Is Ridiculous And People Can't Stop Laughing



Acting has evolved dramatically since the 80s, often in ways that we simply cannot comprehend. It has gone from staring animatronics in the face to looking up at something that doesn't exist and actors have no frame of reference for other than what they imagine the image that will be edited in later on will end up looking like from the perspective of the character they're playing. Think of Jurassic Park for the former example, and Transformers for the latter, which had Shia LeBouf imagine giant alien robots in every speaking scene that weren't actually visible until the movie was done and edited.

With CGI becoming more common in even low budget movies nowadays and rooms layed out to incredible amounts of green screens to help immerse audiences in a completely user generated world, you may look at some leaked footage of one of your favorite films from their filming days and have absolutely no idea what it is that you're laying your eyes on. Recent years have had people wear green suits with a bunch of foam balls to make it easy for animators to track the characters they were playing and overlay the animation over them, but what happens when that person isn't human?

Emma Watson is an amazing actress. After all, just look at her performance in her latest blockbuster Beauty and the Beast. But you'll be even more impressed when you see what she had to work with. The movie is a mix of live action and animation, with Beast being played by Dan Stevens in an interesting suit...

The footage emerged from a behind the scenes look at how Disney pulled of the CGI, and unsurprisingly, it's gotten people talking. Mostly because Stevens looks ridiculous. 

I mean, look at that big old Beast butt. 

Admittedly, aside from Stevens looking ridiculous, the technology is actually pretty impressive. 

Could you have kept a straight face during filming?

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