These Seniors Turned Their Principal Into A Meme And Hung It In The Cafeteria



Memes have been a large part of mainstream digital culture for a few years now. You know them, your boss knows them, and even your parents may end up sending you a few throughout the day, albeit ones that may be somewhat outdated. We've watched memes and meme formats evolve over the past few years and modern day memes are more sophisticated and intrinsic than ever before. With the increasing availability of apps and programs like photoshop, and mobile applications that allow people to make cutouts using a few simple taps, custom memes have been made by those willing to work for them, typically with pretty limited reach depending on how large their circle of friends was, but still pretty enjoyable by all involved provided it wasn't something intentionally mean-spirited.

At the end of every school year, as the next few years of a senior's life is made clear and grades begin to kind of not matter provided that they don't fail out of a course, the priority shifts from exams and interviews to leaving a mark on the school. Senior Ditch Day became normalized nationwide, so things had to be taken to another level with senior pranks that are usually performed at the point past any real consequences, though some classes found out that it's never too late to get expelled in recent years.

If there's one thing that high school seniors look forward to more than finally being done with high school, it's senior pranks.

It's a hearty American comedic tradition as classic as ding-dong ditch or calling people up and asking them if their refrigerator is running. I mean, we're basically talking about apple pie and baseball here, folks.

But not all senior pranks are created equal. Thankfully, some high schoolers go above and beyond their senior pranking duty.

Like this group of students who turned their principal into a meme and hung it in the school cafeteria.

The seniors at Willis High School opted to roast their Principal, Mr. Utrecht, with one of the Internet's most beloved memes at the moment: "Mocking Spongebob."

Source: twitter
Source: twitter
Source: twitter

Some drama in the Twitter thread revealed that the joke about Principal Utrecht had previously been made.

But mostly, students and citizens of the Internet were proud of the prank.

Apparently they're not the only high school who thought to meme their principal, either.

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