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Germany Will Start Fining Parents Who Don't Vaccinate Their Kids


It's insane to think that a parent with literally no formal education in a field can write a few blog posts and suddenly become a legitimate source in the eyes of many parents for quite literally some unknown reason to start turning down vaccines that have eliminated diseases that used to be an automatic death sentence and cripple entire nations.

The typical person that falls for this probably also looks and an ingredient with more than 3 syllables and declares an item unhealthy as a result. People have become so comfortable with how healthy we've been in recent decades that they're starting to push back against the methods that got us here.

In this day and age, many people seem to have forgotten just how bad things were before vaccinations. So much so that some parents now refuse to have their children vaccinated because of the false belief that vaccines cause autism. 

According to the World Health Organization, the measles vaccine is believed to have saved 17.1 million lives since 2000. But progress in defeating the disease has slowed in recent years, with several outbreaks in the United States caused by unvaccinated children

Source: Getty