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Women Share The First Time They Were Body Shamed And Their Stories Are Shocking

Women Share The First Time They Were Body Shamed And Their Stories Are Shocking
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Updated 1 year ago

If there's one thing I learned in Kindergarten, it's that kids are merciless with their insults.

If the slightest thing is off about you - if you're wearing different clothing or you've got overly large glasses or have to use an inhaler, there will always be a group of kids there to make fun of you for it.

Good parents teach their kids out of making fun of others based on superficial things that may be out of their control, but unfortunately, some of those kids grow up to become adults who think it's OK to make fun of someone based on their looks. This is especially true of women's bodies. For example, a quick search on the Internet or look in the comments section of any Instagram post of a woman, and there'll be someone criticizing her body.

So women started sharing their own body shaming stories online with the #TheySaid hashtag as a reminder that this gross phenomenon is sadly alive and well.

Oftentimes, the comments were made in person and by family members and loved ones.

It doesn't seem to matter what size your body is, someone will find a way to critique it.

Some people said that healthcare professionals were completely blind to their eating disorders.

People then started sharing their replies to such insensitive comments with the #SheReplied hashtag.

As painful as it was for people to share these stories, users celebrated the fact that these stories were getting out there.

Hopefully people will learn the impact of their words.

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