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Women Share The First Time They Were Body Shamed And Their Stories Are Shocking


No one knows why body shaming women is becoming increasingly fashionable. For some reason, it seems as though everyone believes they have both a right and duty to comment on the appearance of any and all women and offer them guidance on what they should change about themselves in order to reach that ideal look in that specific nobody's eyes. It's a behavior that has been normalized in society and reinforced by edgy public figures who need to constantly find new ways to be edgy so they brush aside things like telling women to smile being a form of harassment and defaulting to traditional gender roles when they run out of arguments along with any number of references they can squeeze in from the good ol' days.

If there's one thing I learned in Kindergarten, it's that kids are merciless with their insults.

If the slightest thing is off about you - if you're wearing different clothing or you've got overly large glasses or have to use an inhaler, there will always be a group of kids there to make fun of you for it.