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Try Not To Laugh Watching This Muslim Teen's Tiny Siblings Join Him In Prayer


Little kids do their best to imitate us at all time. More than parents, younger siblings will often imitate what their older siblings are doing, regardless of what it is. The thing is, sometimes there's a pretty steep learning curve for some of this stuff. While it's true that children don't necessarily understand the whys of what some of us do, if there's a physical action to copy or a verbal cue to do something, you can bet that they will do their best to imitate us, or at least do their best at imitation. 

Case in point; plenty of people in the fitness industry end up training at home when they have a young child. Sure enough, you'll be able to find plenty of videos of  people doing their regular home workouts only to have a toddler waddle into view and do their best at imitating a burpee. Heck, they even released toy dumbbells so the kids can copy mom or dad without the risk of injury they'd be exposed to if they tried lifting even a one pound dumbbell and curling it to their heart's content.

It's interesting to see this kind of dynamic play out, but more importantly, it's always really, really cute.

Anyone who grew up in a religious household knows that trying to maintain concentration while praying is tough.

And it becomes even tougher when you have kids doing all sorts of funny and adorable things right in your line of vision.