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Working Mom Rewrites Daughter's 'Outdated' Homework That Scolds Women Who Work


Like most families who live in expensive areas of the country, Lynne Polvino and her husband, from Queens, New York, both work and coordinate their schedules as much as they can to look after their two children. This isn't uncommon, with the Pew Research Center finding that in 46 percent of families, both parents have a full time job, up from 31 percent in 1970. 

So when her 6-year-old daughter came home with an assignment called "Back to Work," that began "Lisa was not happy. Her mother was back at work," Polvino decided to rewrite the "outdated" homework to better reflect the modern world. 

Here's the homework assignment my daughter brought home yesterday, side-by-side with my rewrite.

Posted by Lynne Polvino on Tuesday, May 23, 2017