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See-Through Lace Shorts For Men Are Summer's Biggest Fashion Trend

See-Through Lace Shorts For Men Are Summer's Biggest Fashion Trend
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1 year ago

It's 2017, but the Internet still gets shook by men wearing clothes in a style associated with women. Rompers for dudes blew everyone's minds, even though they really highlighted some beautiful male thighs, in my opinion. 

Now, a new look is rocking Twitter and Instagram because it involves GUYS wearing LACE! Get the smelling salts, Vera, I have a case of the vapors!

Admittedly, these lace shorts created by streetwear brand Hologram City do not leave a lot to the imagination, which is a bit anxiety producing if you're a young lady who has had the unfortunate experience of having a guy flash you on the subway. Basically, any woman living in a city. 

Hopefully, guys will respectfully wear underwear beneath these peekaboo pants if they become more mainstream. Cosmopolitan reports that the shorts and their matching button-down counterparts were specifically designed by Hoza Rodriguez for Cazwell's latest music video. Cazwell is a rapper who is very openly gay and celebrates that fact in some sexy music videos. If this lace ensemble is the formal look, you can imagine what the final product will be. 

Though these outfits were meant for the glamour of a music video, pics of them found their way online for folks to judge as a normal outfit for summer:

The responses are a funny mix of questions, horror, and celebration:

Personally, I don't find them to be that wild, as long as there's the bare coverage of certain bits. And you have to admit, these guys look pretty great:

Backstage at CAZWELL show the past Friday we debut the hit new single "Loose Wrist" 🌹#Cazwell #gaycrew

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