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Tom Hanks Freaked Out Over This Mystery Building With A Very Shady Past

Tom Hanks Freaked Out Over This Mystery Building With A Very Shady Past
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1 year ago

When Tom Hanks was in NYC recently, he wasn't snapping photos because he had a bout of basic tourist-itis. It was because he spied a building that legitimately freaked him out.

Let's just avoid the fact that he signs his tweets with an "edgy" spelling of his own name for a second and look at what's really important here: this is a seriously frightening fortress.

People on Twitter agreed: this thing is terrifying.

And it wasn't long before people came up with their own theories as to what could be inside the building.

Others would rather not ask any questions.

A quick web search revealed that the building's official name is the Long Lines Building and it's located at 33 Thomas Street in Manhattan.

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It was built in 1974 by architect John Carl Warnecke. It features a surprising lack of windows and is made almost entirely out of concrete. It stands 550 feet tall and has been befuddling New Yorkers for decades.

The Long Lines Building is officially owned by AT&T and houses telecommunications equipment.

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Some Twitter users were quick to point this out, hoping to quell everyone's drummed-up fear over Hanks' photo.

But some pointed out that the building -- which was designed to survive a nuclear attack and sustain 1,500 people for two weeks in the event of a power loss -- is allegedly home to some other activities.

Like NSA surveillance.

Late last year, The Intercept reported that 33 Thomas Street may actually be home to an NSA surveillance site, code-named TITANPOINTE.

If that doesn't sound creepy enough, you know what the building was originally called? Project X.

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Forget about the crappy party movie, and just let that name sink it. There's a whole documentary about Project X with the same name that you can check out here if you want to get sufficiently weirded out.

Leaked documents from Edward Snowden (obtained by The Intercept) indicate that AT&T has been working with the NSA for a while.

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Not much is known about what really goes on in there, but hush-hush communications and top-secret surveillance seem to be what 33 Thomas Street is all about. Oh, and structural fortitude. It'd take a hell of a lot to knock that building down, meaning that any activity (covert or otherwise) could continue in worst-case scenarios.

If anyone at 33 Thomas Street is reading this, I've got no business with you or the work you're doing, I'm just, you know, pointing out what others have posted to the internet. Thanks.

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