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Student Gets Burned Over Their Bad Parking And Twitter Absolutely Loved It


People who can't park are the worst. Whether they take up two spaces by accident or on purpose, they need to know just how terrible they are because it isn't just some petty complaint -- bad parking can have some huge ramifications. This is especially true if you park in a really full lot where someone driving some fancy car decides to take up 1.5 spaces and now you're stuck parking on the street. It's annoying. Of course there's also the big giant trucks that park in the compact spots forcing you to have to go all the way to the top of the garage to actually find a spot that works. Don't even get us started on assigned parking spaces lots, cause it's such a pain when you're perpetually stuck next to a driver who just refuses to ever park right in the morning. There's just no winning with people like that.

And people have come up with some pretty inventive ideas to break the news to them, but the note this Twitter user recently received has to be the best. 

Admittedly, we take a joy in this petty justice being delivered and have actually made a Facebook page to show off the high-quality parking jobs people pull that ultimately end up inconveniencing regular folks like you and me who actually know how to park a car properly. 

Twitter found the roast pretty amazing.