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LeBron James Played Against Kids At A Birthday Party And Showed No Mercy

By Mustafa Gatollari

From the looks of social media, LeBron James is taking his NBA Finals loss pretty well. And by well, I mean he's getting back in the gym immediately, shaving his head, and going full-on serious ball-is-life mode.

It seems that his off-the-court intensity is already translating to his off-season games as well, and no pick-up game is safe from the King.

Just ask these kids at LeBron's son Bryce's 10th birthday party who learned a little lesson that you're not going to get a free win in life, even if you're playing your dad. LeBron didn't go easy on his ten-year-old son and his friends when they decided to hit the court for some ball. He wanted them to learn the hard way about winning.