19 Signs So Funny They Actually Make You Want To Go To Church



There are few places that do somber and solemn better than a church.

The problem is, all that solemnity can be a bit of a downer after a while, which won't really bring in the crowds. And even though churches aren't supposed to be for-profit ventures, when you have low attendance, it looks kinda bad. Plus, there won't be as many people throwing change in that collection plate.

The question is: how do you bring people in? You could start a Christian rock-band, if you're into that sort of thing. Or you could come up with some hilarious church signs, like these holy folks did.

1. Some are unintentionally hilarious.

2. Like this.

3. Others just didn't care.

4. Others proclaimed what everyone knew deep down inside.

5. Some church signs were so good, people provided live updates on them.

6. The Penguins are the Lord's team.

7. "Good boys, good boys, whacha gonna dooo..."

8. Makes Hell seem a lot more fun...

9. Isn't praying just like complaining, except, to God?

10. Of course, there were puns.

11. Church sounds a lot like trail mix.

12. OK but what about the next, next, next, next one?

13. That's a direct quote.

14. Churches love Star Wars references...

15. Like, a lot...


17. So there.

18. Wise words to live by.

19. You can't fool me with your hip slang, Jesus.

Almost enough to make me want to wake up early on Sunday morning. Almost.

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