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Scientists Discover 'Peanut Worm' Fish That Totally Looks Like Something Else


Nature can work in mysterious ways. Especially when it comes to the ocean. The deeper you get in the ocean, the stranger and creepier the stuff tends to look. Have you ever seen a Vampire Squid? It's something that seems out of the twisted pages of a horror novel, but nope -- it's real and just one of mother nature's many strange salt water monstrosities.

However not everything in nature is creepy. Some are just out right...weird and this one is making the internet really question if they have a dirty mind due to it's unique shape.

Over the weekend, a team of scientists from the Museums Victoria, Australia, returned from a month-long expedition on board research vessel The Investigator. They were exploring the depths of eastern Australia's abyss, an unexplored region 4,000 meters below the sea.

During their expedition, they rediscovered a species of fish known as the "faceless fish" that hasn't been seen since 1873, and even got a photo of it. The problem? No one can take their discoveries seriously. Why? It just looks so similar to something NSFW and we just can't unsee it. IT's basically become the blunt of jokes on the internet. Maybe it's just us though. Do you have a dirty mind or is it just ours running wild?

 Here's what one of the creatures they discovered, the "peanut worm," looks like...