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Mattel Releases Ken Doll With 'Man Bun' And The Internet Can't Handle It

By Aimee Lutkinnnn

Mattel is trying to get with the times, which means their Barbie doll line has got to change. They've already made some strides by giving us some female dolls with proportions an actual human might have, which is dope. Now it's time for Ken to get a make over in the name of diversity. 

People reports that the new line of Ken dolls will have “have three body types—slim, broad and original. In addition, the dolls will feature seven skin tones, eight hair colors, nine hairstyles, and chic, modern fashion looks unlike any other Ken dolls you’ve seen before.”

That's certainly proved true:

Many people are here for the diversity initiative, because they want their kids to be able to play with dolls that look like them, instead of ultra-white Yacht-ready Ken: