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Armpit Tattoos Are The Latest Ink Trend To Flood Instagram

Armpit Tattoos Are The Latest Ink Trend To Flood Instagram
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Updated 1 year ago

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Don't just dip your toe in the water; jump in pits deep with a trendy armpit tattoo. People everywhere are inking themselves up on one of the most sensitive areas of the human body that is not NSFW. It looks pretty cool, but it does make me wonder—who gets to see these?

The pictures on Instagram under the hashtag #armpittattoo are a beautiful museum of all the secret pictures people want to carry in their pits. Though some are very intriguing, it only seems worthwhile to do if you either need to desperately hide that you have a tattoo or you have a job where people are always looking there. Maybe as a professional basketball player? But check them out for yourself and decide if you'd let someone stick a needle into your tickle zone:

Crazy man Gordon going down the pit. Thank you!

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This one almost made me #sick #sciencebitch #armpittattoo

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How did that get there #ouch #armpittattoo

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#armpittattoo #tattoo #eastbaytattoo

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The real secret here is that armpit tattoos aren't a brand new thing. Like all trends, they're a repeat of something an older generation already covered:


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But it's still cool.

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