There Was A Spelling Bee On 'The Bachelorette' And It Was A Hilarious Failure



Just stop and think about how much worse you became at spelling ever since autocorrect came into your life. Or maybe you're so young that you don't even remember a time without it, which all of a sudden makes me feel super old.

Whether or not someone's ability to spell words correctly is a sign of true intelligence is up for debate, but for Rachel Lindsay, star of the latest season of The Bachelorette, she wants a man who can spell.

And it turns out the guys vying her for attention fell horribly short when Rachel announced she would hold a spelling bee for the contestants.

Did I mention they fell horribly short?

Source: ABC

In this guy's defense, this one's kind of tough.

Source: ABC

He's straining so much.

Source: ABC

"Don't need to know how to spell to know how to do it, amirite?"

Source: ABC

Now since this is The Bachelorette, there were some suggestive words, but it's worth mentioning that kids were judging this thing.

A fact that was not easily lost on Twitter.

Child trauma aside, people were cringing equally over the contestants' painfully incorrect responses.

There was one clear loser from the bunch, though.

Some were questioning why the hell a spelling bee was even held in the first place.

And others were just disgusted with the winner being way too hyped about his lame victory.

People couldn't understand why he was so happy about winning when he clearly got the easier words.

Oh, and fun fact: Rachel used to date Kevin Durant. As in Golden State Warriors NBA Finals winner Kevin Durant.

His trophy is slightly more impressive.

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