Mom Befriends Shirtless Football Players At Daughter's Freshman Orientation



For many parents, dropping their kids off for their first day of college is an emotion-packed day filled with nostalgia, anxiety, and maybe a little bit of fear for their baby's future.

Different parents deal with stress differently. Some take up new hobbies. Join a book club. Maybe get a part-time job, travel, or finally start that novel they've been putting off for 18 years.

Or you could be like this mom and become best friends with the university's football team.

Twitter user Avery Leilani was in her college freshman orientation when she started getting texts from her mom, who, in no time at all, befriended a bunch of hot, shirtless dudes.

She must've caught the college team getting in some practice before the start of the season.

Avery was floored by the pics, and called her mom out on her excellent man-baiting skills.

She also couldn't believe that her mother was crushing her at the college flirt game before classes even started.

After she posted the pics to Twitter, people were enthralled.

And it turns out that moms crushing on hot football players is a thing.

Others had important questions...

...questions with obvious answers.

Mostly though, people were in awe of her mother's game.

And of course, the porn jokes rolled in.

But one user came up with an interesting reason why her mom was making nice with the football team.

Mom of the year, am I right?

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