Valedictorian Goes Off On School Administration In Graduation Speech, Gets Mic Cut Off



When it comes to graduation speeches, the school administration really doesn't like it when students go off script.

But when you're putting a school leader up on the stage, as an administrator, you shouldn't be surprised when they make a leadership move and call you out on your BS.

Which is exactly what happened when Peter Butera went off in his graduating speech at Wyoming Area Secondary Center -- and had his mic cut off for doing so.

Reddit user Tojoso uploaded the video, to the applause of high schoolers and ballsy-move-appreciators everywhere.

In his speech, Butera said that students' talents weren't being recognized and as class president, his role was relegated to that of a "party planner." He went on to slam the school administration for disenfranchising students until his mic was quickly cut off, to the boos of the audience.

After the speech, Butera said that he doesn't think it "could have gone any better" and that "them cutting the microphone proved my point to be true."

Wyoming Area Superintendent Janet Serino said that student graduation speeches were supposed to be vetted and Butera's mic was cut because he went off-script. But a quote that a Reddit user posted from Butera makes an interesting point:

Butera posted the text of his entire speech online, so if you wanted to know what he had planned on saying after the mic cut, check it out below:

Twitter applauded Butera's gutsiness online, too, where his speech quickly gained traction.

And they also had some choice words for the administration as well.

Superintendent Serino said that she immediately set up a meeting with Butera after his speech to go over ideas on how to improve the student environment at Wyoming Area. The reaction to his speech, however, doesn't really inspire confidence that much change will take place.

As for Butera's future plans, the 18-year-old will be attending Villanova University this fall. 

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