Guy Asks Roommate To Clean Up For A Date And Gets Hilariously Pranked Instead

Mark Pygas - Author

Nov. 18 2019, Updated 2:32 p.m. ET


When preparing for a date, there are many emotions that immediately come to light.  There is obviously excitement that another human being would like to share an evening with you and that someone in this world is ok tolerating you.  Then there is also a feeling of absolute anxiety and nervousness that what if this person doesn't like you or the way you dress or talk or laugh or beliefs, etc, etc.  Everything in your head has to be perfect and you want everything to happen accordingly.  One thing you want to do is confide in your roommate how nervous you are and being buddies, you would love their help to put you in the best possible situation.  Like maybe while you are getting ready and planning on what you want to talk about or where you want to go, your roommate can tidy up the apartment for a bit as to leave a good impression for when your date arrives.  This way the person knows that they are dealing with someone who is clean and responsible and can be trusted.  Makes a lot of sense. 

But as a roommate there are two ways it can be played.  Help your buddy out, do the right thing and set them up for success.  Or, completely mess with them and hope the date has a sense of humor because its about to get a little weird.  

So when Twitter user Deno_Tron's roommate asked him to clean the place so he could bring someone home later, he did what any real friend would do and made a creepy shrine to Princess Diana in his room. 

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And he was totally cool about it in their group chat. 

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Obviously, people found the prank hilarious.

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We need to know what happened next.


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