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This Mom Helped Her Son Play Dress-Up As A Draq Queen And He Looked Fabulous

By Mustafa Gatollari

There are few things more fun than playing "pretend" as a kid. And this could mean pretty much any childhood game. Whether it's a riveting game of the floor is lava or pretending like you're a member of the X-Men on the school playground, just being able to act things out with other children is pretty darn magical.

But playing pretend really got taken to another level once dressing up was involved. Sure, you could rock an air-lightsaber with the best of them, but once you held that toy in your hand, it became real.

It got even better once your parents became involved, helping you come up with the perfect outfit and accessories to make your dressing up that much more comprehensive. Which is why this mom is getting so much love after what she did for her son.