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35 Creepy Abandoned Places That Are Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

35 Creepy Abandoned Places That Are Straight Out Of A Horror Movie
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Updated 11 months ago

About an hour away from where I grew up, there is an abandoned insane asylum. From what I understand, it was once one of the largest asylums in New York state before it was shut down due to lack of funding in the 1980's. 

I really want to go inside and check it out. A lot of people think that's a dumb idea, but as far as I'm concerned, the worst thing that could happen is that a ghost is there and he'd murder me. Honestly, I'm fine with all of that. Can you think of a more exciting way to die? 

Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out how to get inside. The door is locked and that seems like an unsolvable problem. So for now, I'll just settle for looking at photographs of these other creepy abandoned places. 

5. Sorry, but your flight has been delayed forever.
7. Don't go down there.
10. What do you think the odds are that someone is trapped down there?
13. Is this from a video game?
21. Support your local bowling alley, guys.
27. This seems like it was a poorly run hospital.
28. Nope! Nothing spooky about this.
32. Looks like the X-Men Mansion after it was destroyed.
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