This Very Guilty Looking Pug Definitely Didn't Break All Of His Owner's Glasses

Mark Pygas - Author

Nov. 18 2019, Updated 2:32 p.m. ET

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Dogs aren't exactly the best at hiding guilt. It's all in the eyes.  They can't speak (which is too bad) so it seems that they wear their emotions with all of their other senses.  You have to hand it to them though, even when they do something bad, there is always enough charm and emotion to have you not care about everything they just did and love them for the way they are.  I once had my dog rip my whole room to shreds, I mean crazy man psycho, but when I came back he just had the most lovable, innocent look on his face as if to say, "listen man, I know I messed up, but I got a lot going on right now".  They don't know that they literally just cost me hundreds of dollars in damages and replacements. I mean, I showed him because he didn't get treats for a week, but we were still cool.  

The breed of dog also plays a lot into the level of craziness and the ease to forgive.  The cuter the dog, damn it, the harder they are to stay mad at.  But some dogs have the cuteness and the personality all rolled up into one.  And then there are others, that well, do not really have the entire package but they still have some amazing traits that we will all love.  

So of all breeds, pugs are particularly bad at making their owners believe that the toilet paper unrolled all by itself. Twitter user Kai Johson recently found that someone had broken all of his drinking glasses and decided to find out who. 

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It definitely wasn't his pug though. Look at this innocent face...

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And his innocence was pretty clear to the people of Twitter. 

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So innocent. 


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