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Doctors Discover 27 Contact Lenses Stuck In Patient's Eye

By Mark Pygas

If you're a regular contact lens wearer, then you're probably familiar with the pain that comes with having even the tiniest hair on one of your contact lenses, or falling asleep in them. So it probably comes as a shock that doctors at England’s Solihull Hospital found 27 contact lenses in a 67-year-old patient’s eye when she was being prepped for surgery, and she didn't even realize they were there. 

A write-up in the British Medical Journal by Rupal Morjaria, Richard Crombie, and Amit Patel, claims that the three doctors found the lenses clumped in a "blueish mass bound together by mucus." 

“She was quite shocked,” Morjaria told Optometry Today. “When she was seen two weeks after I removed the lenses she said her eyes felt a lot more comfortable.”