27 Famous People From History You've Never Seen In Color Before



What's interesting about history is that our knowledge of it largely dependent upon how good record keeping was in that era. We don't what people were saying before the written word. We don't know what people sounded like before we could record them. We don't even know what color things were before color photographs were invented. I mean, sure we had paintings, but do you really believe that some old king never asked be painted with the gray taken out of his hair?

Fortunately, we are starting to get a sense of what things used to look like. Photoshop artists are coloring old photos to give us a sense of what our world looked like way back when. Needless to say, it was pretty cool. 

1. The beard was hiding all that color.

2. He was so magic he appeared in color.

3. Look at that red, white, and blue.

4. Are we sure this picture wasn't taken yesterday?

5. I have discovered... Color!

6. Big Brother only wants black and white images.

7. Who knew that ring was gold?

8. Oh! So she had a white horse. Neat!

9. Colored by a machine that would not exist without him.

10. First ever mugshot works better in color.

11. Color really makes this place feel alive.

12. You know who this is.

13. Wouldn't be Santa without that red coat.

14. I think black and white suits him better.

15. Just as much of a creep in color.

16. Loving those blue uniforms

17. "What if we all show up wearing the same thing?" "We'll lie and say they were different colors. Who would know?"

18. Space is more than empty blackness.

19. She wore a WHITE dress? Weird.

20. Just a quick on-the-ground photo shoot.

21. Loved that red tie.

22. The blue really brings out the gruffness.

23. The color makes this way scarier.

24. Right before we saw that red blood.

25. Put this on your T-shirt.

26. What else were you expecting from a 1920's songwriter?

27. He'd steal and sell color if he could.

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